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See Also:Constant Field Values CUDA_ERROR_NOT_MAPPED_AS_ARRAY public static finalint CUDA_ERROR_NOT_MAPPED_AS_ARRAY This indicates that a mapped resource is not available for access as an array. Alternatively, I may try to set up some 'how-to' that shows how to at least use the profiler from CUDA 4.2. Both are running OS X 10.9.1 and CUDA 5.5.28. static int CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_GRAPHICS_CONTEXT This indicates an error with OpenGL or DirectX context.

See Also:Constant Field Values CUDA_ERROR_PRIMARY_CONTEXT_ACTIVE public static finalint CUDA_ERROR_PRIMARY_CONTEXT_ACTIVE This error indicates that ::cuCtxCreate was called with the flag ::CU_CTX_PRIMARY on a device which already has initialized its primary context. Any clues as to what's going wrong? — Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub <#332>. static int CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE This indicates that a resource handle passed to the API call was not valid. static int CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_VALUE This indicates that one or more of the parameters passed to the API call is not within an acceptable range of values. https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/34052-cuda_error_launch_failed-problem

So the culprit is the kernel. See Also:Constant Field Values CUDA_ERROR_ASSERT public static finalint CUDA_ERROR_ASSERT A device-side assert triggered during kernel execution. Discover... You signed in with another tab or window.

It is no longer an error to call cuProfilerStart() when profiling is already enabled. See Also:Constant Field Values CUDA_ERROR_MAP_FAILED public static finalint CUDA_ERROR_MAP_FAILED This indicates that a map or register operation has failed. static int CUDA_ERROR_PEER_ACCESS_UNSUPPORTED This indicates that peer access is not supported across the given devices. static int CUDA_ERROR_UNMAP_FAILED This indicates that an unmap or unregister operation has failed.

vexcl owner ddemidov commented Dec 18, 2013 Usually this kind of error comes from the previous kernel launch. cheers, R Geändert von rhushabh (28.12.2013 um 06:10 Uhr) Grund: Typos Antworten Zitieren 28.12.2013,16:42 #4 Marco13 Profil Beiträge anzeigen Private Nachricht Blog anzeigen Global Moderator Viertel Gigabyte Registriert seit 05.08.2008 Close × Select Your Country Choose your country to get translated content where available and see local events and offers. https://www.cs.cmu.edu/afs/cs/academic/class/15668-s11/www/cuda-doc/html/group__CUDA__TYPES_g0cdead942fd5028d157641eef6bdeeaa.html Zitat von rhushabh 2.

train: epoch 01: 28/1718: 2.8 Hz loss: 62.145 train: epoch 01: 29/1718: 2.8 Hz loss: 60.642 train: epoch 01: 30/1718: 2.8 Hz loss: 59.364 Warning: An unexpected error occurred during CUDA CUDA_ERROR_LAUNCH_OUT_OF_RESOURCES This indicates that a launch did not occur because it did not have appropriate resources. static int CUDA_ERROR_ALREADY_MAPPED This indicates that the resource is already mapped. Wow, this seems to be far more complex than anything I have ever written (I even rarely have the chance to run tests on a 2-GPU-machine).

It is no longer an error to call cuProfilerStop() when profiling is already disabled. https://github.com/vlfeat/matconvnet/issues/332 See Also:Constant Field Values CUDA_ERROR_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION public static finalint CUDA_ERROR_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION While executing a kernel, the device encountered an illegal instruction. CUDA_ERROR_NOT_MAPPED_AS_POINTER This indicates that a mapped resource is not available for access as a pointer. See Also:Constant Field Values CUDA_ERROR_PROFILER_DISABLED public static finalint CUDA_ERROR_PROFILER_DISABLED This indicates profiling APIs are called while application is running in visual profiler mode.

Apply Today MATLAB Academy New to MATLAB? All existing device memory allocations from this context are invalid and must be reconstructed if the program is to continue using CUDA. See Also:Constant Field Values CUDA_ERROR_PROFILER_ALREADY_STARTED public static finalint CUDA_ERROR_PROFILER_ALREADY_STARTED Deprecated.This error return is deprecated as of CUDA 5.0. arunmallya commented Nov 30, 2015 No, I'm not using cuDNN I can share the model I am using but the exact training setting might be hard to reproduce since I just

Passing arguments of the wrong size (i.e. For JCuda itself, I'm mainly trying to 'mirror' the API, but there are quite some new features in CUDA that go beyond pure API changes (Concurrent Kernels, Dynamic Parallelism, Multi Process Anyway, the result this little adventure is that this code that is broken in CUDA 3.1 and earlier: CUdeviceptr d_in;
CUdeviceptr d_out;
int offset = 0;
The framework we are developing is right now being utilized for medical images, but it can easily be generalized to any multi-node, multi-GPU based application.

static int CUDA_ERROR_HOST_MEMORY_NOT_REGISTERED This error indicates that the pointer passed to ::cuMemHostUnregister() does not correspond to any currently registered memory region. Unfortunately, NVIDIA has the annoying tendency to not respond to some questions at all for example, in threads like this one https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/t...-streams-bug-/ which I found when I just did a websearch Hope we aren't disturbing you in your holiday season.

GeForce GTX 680MX time t = 0 libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type vex::backend::cuda::error: /usr/local/include/vexcl/backend/cuda/device_vector.hpp:100 CUDA Driver API Error (700 - CUDA_ERROR_LAUNCH_FAILED) This happens both on a GeForce GTX 680MX

I am not sure if this limit became higher or is nonexistent these days. See Also:Constant Field Values CUDA_ERROR_PEER_ACCESS_ALREADY_ENABLED public static finalint CUDA_ERROR_PEER_ACCESS_ALREADY_ENABLED This error indicates that a call to ::cuCtxEnablePeerAccess() is trying to re-enable peer access to a context which has already had peer See Also:Constant Field Values CUDA_ERROR_LAUNCH_FAILED public static finalint CUDA_ERROR_LAUNCH_FAILED An exception occurred on the device while executing a kernel. I don't have access to a CC 3.5 GPU at all (and even for tests on a CC 2.0 card I have to wait until I'm sure that my boss won't

We would like to set it to 32 but are unaware as to how to set this environment variable (in my .bashrc? That is until… For reasons I can't even remember, I downgraded CUDA from 3.2 to 3.1, and suddenly none of my kernels wouldn't run. See Also:Constant Field Values CUDA_ERROR_CONTEXT_ALREADY_IN_USE public static finalint CUDA_ERROR_CONTEXT_ALREADY_IN_USE This indicates that the ::CUcontext passed to the API call can only be bound to a single CPU thread at a time I have no problems with a very analogous kernel which uses a vex::multivector as the state.

Yeah, we had gone through those discussion threads which you had given, but just wanted to double confirm on our part if we are missing anything to get the profiler running. The context cannot be used, so it must be destroyed (and a new one should be created). Or is the technology capacity still limited to one context per GPU at any particular time instance? 2. static int CUDA_ERROR_LAUNCH_FAILED An exception occurred on the device while executing a kernel.

Deprecated:This error return is deprecated as of CUDA 3.2. The variant with permutations is more effective, because it is less general, uses less arithmetic operations, and uses less kernels arguments. HTML-Code ist aus. CUDA_ERROR_MAP_FAILED This indicates that a map or register operation has failed.

Learn MATLAB today! static int CUDA_ERROR_INVALID_PC While executing a kernel, the device program counter wrapped its address space.