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Custom Error Page Examples


Master/Detail Using a Bulleted List of Master Records with a Details DataList (VB)Editing and Deleting Data Through the DataList1. Using TextBoxWatermark in a FormView (VB)4. The status code provides information about the status of the request. But hardly have we seen a 410 page. this contact form

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404 Error Page Template

Limiting Data Modification Functionality Based on the User (C#)9. Example #14 – PoemOfQuotes Takeaways from PoemOfQuotes's Custom 404 Page: 404 error message in the form a creative poem. To see this in action, deploy your website to the production environment and then visit the Genre.aspx page on the live site with an invalid querystring value. They are listed below: Add a hint of humor Link to popular pages Search bar Text that empathize with visitors and guide them Give contact details Header and footer links from

Unhandled errors are passed to the Application_Error handler in the Global.asax file. Its clever 404 page demonstrates both a keen sense of wit, and a clear call to action to take you where you need to be.11. Precompiling Your Website (C#)16. 404 Error Message Text This results in users starting to refresh the page hoping it would miraculously render, even in cases of major botched up code deployments.

You can adopt either the simple ‘guiding the user’ strategy or turn it up a notch by using a sales strategy on your custom 404’s depending on how confident you are 404 Error Page Examples Link to homepage. The default 404 error page as shown on Internet Explorer is given below. Filling a List Using CascadingDropDown (VB)6.

Security Basics and ASP.NET Support (VB)5. 404 Error Page Html Code Give Quick Solutions: List out various ways of rectifying the problem Option to Report Problems: Give an option to report the problem on your site. Fark.com has a custom error message which, erm, caters to both their admins and users. –Ben Brocka♦ Jan 10 '12 at 23:52 add a comment| 4 Answers 4 active oldest votes Using TextBoxWatermark in a FormView (C#)2.

404 Error Page Examples

Creating a Data Access Layer (VB)5. So, When you provide the hyperlinks of other pages on the 404 Not Found page, make sure that they work and are not relative links. 404 Error Page Template Header links. Error Page Template Bootstrap Building an Interface to Select One User Account from Many (VB)5.

Efficiently Paging Through Large Amounts of Data (VB)7. weblink Launching a Modal Popup Window from Server Code (VB)6. Introduction In a perfect world there would be no run-time errors. It implies that the problem is being investigated I've been thinking about custom 500 server error pages for my own application. 500 Error Page

Thus, you need to prevent such behavior with clear instructions on what to do next. The style of the 404 page fits the rest of the site design nicely, reflecting the same lighthearted approach that makes an otherwise boring task into something fun and endearing.16. Deploying to Production8. navigate here Examining the Three Types of Error Pages When an unhandled exception arises in an ASP.NET application one of three types of error pages is displayed: The Exception Details Yellow Screen of

Error pages are web pages shown to the website visitor when something has gone wrong with the web page they have requested. 404 Page Not Found FormView's Templates (C#)5. Getting Started with Entity Framework 4.0 Database First2.

Header and footer links from main website retained.

Scenario: Configuring a Test Environment for Web Deployment4. Role-Based Authorization (C#)4. Master/Detail Filtering Across Two Pages (C#)3. Error 404 Text Message Prank It does a brilliant job of adding a well-designed Pacman game to a custom 404 page that contains all the other necessary elements such as branded website theme, navigation links, footer

If you want join this initiative, follow the instructions that you will find in their website. Deploying Database Projects10. Determining What Files Need to Be Deployed (C#)3. http://swirlvision.com/error-page/custom-500-error-page.html Manipulating DropShadow Properties from Client Code (C#)3.

Logging Error Details with ELMAH (C#)15. Configuring a Website that Uses Application Services (C#)10. Call-to-action button to Join Now on top of the video. Quite possibly because the CMS has borked itself.

South West TrainsThe regularity of this service is a little incongruous, to be honestSouth West Trains recently launched a new site (which you can read all about in issue 284 of The good news is that you can override this default behavior by adding a section to your Web.config file. Visual Studio Web Deployment with SQL Server Compact - Migrating to SQL Server11. HTTP Status Code Whenever you visit a web page, your computer will request data from a server through HTTP.

Maximizing Performance with the Entity Framework 4.0 in ASP.NET 46. That is why it is imperative to have custom error pages. Custom Error Pages Was Mentioned Here: 404 Error Web Hosting Checklist Find Broken Links Free Web Hosting VS Paid Web Hosting Structure of Link Exchange and Article Pages Join the Conversation For this example, you must grant write permissions to the ASP.NET worker process account (by default, this is NETWORK SERVICE) for the App_Data folder to enable the application to write to

The 404 errors can be caused due to various reasons, such as: Page requested does not exist Server is down Internet connection is down Broken links Incorrect URL Page has been They empathize with users who might be stressed out by an error message when they're already stressed out about moving. While the Runtime Error YSOD hides potentially sensitive error information from the user visiting the site, it breaks from your site's look and feel and makes your application look buggy. Unlocking and Approving User Accounts (C#)4.

LegoLego can do no wrong in our eyes – we love this cute little tableau for its website's 404 pageIn general, Lego can do no wrong in our eyes, and we The defaultRedirect attribute is optional. Master/Detail Using a Selectable Master GridView with a Details DetailView (C#)5. Caching Data at Application Startup (C#)4.