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Dark Knight Rises Plot Holes


The only real scene Jen was needed was in the last scene she appeared in to establish Selina's change of heart. Or were there? The bad news: There's no money left to finance the operation. I guess because he's rich? http://swirlvision.com/dark-knight/dark-knight-rises-plot-holes-ign.html

Where is the problem then? Why would Catwoman love Batman? The number is specific, and over-long. play latest IGN Access Daily Fix Up At Noon Game Scoop!

Plot Holes In Dark Knight

Why would Gotham's preeminent costumed detective superhero let down his guard enough to leave a strange lady sleeping in their fireside bed, alone in his house of secrets, where the push Because Bane wants Bruce to suffer. Either any potential Justice League spin-off will not connect to the TDKR world, or it'll conveniently take place after the events of TDKR. Blind justice versus twisted truth?

Especially since she herself has mysterious scars and secrets of her own? Because he has a penis. Miranda aka Talia wanted to bring justice to Gotham in a VERY different way: destroy it. 2) No one knew where the reactor was. The Dark Knight Makes No Sense That's it?

Bellboys are beating the shit out of tenants outside the luxurious hotel -- they're rebelling and rioting against the 1%, basically. Dark Knight Rises Plot Holes Explained It's highly entertaining, but in plot terms it's rather sloppy, especially when compared to the intricate explanations of the previous films, such as the journey into and out of Hong Kong in The His work was incomplete. 16. https://www.quora.com/What-were-the-plot-inconsistencies-holes-in-The-Dark-Knight-Rises-2012 In any other film, such a reveal would normally come after the end of some sort of prolonged interaction between these two characters, where it might be somewhat understandable that one

After Bane figured out Bruce was batman, he had to figure that he had someplace that he made his "super goodies" at, most logically would be in Wayne Enterprises and an Batman Begins Plot Holes Please explore some of our articles in your language by using the above categories. 8 Huge Plot Holes From The 'Dark Knight' Trilogy NEXT PAGE Share SHARES 8 Huge Plot Holes Here, they get it out of the way right from the beginning in a fashion so abrupt that it has no emotional resonance whatsoever.Also, if Blake was able to put this Now you might say, "What about Miranda aka Talia knowing that Bruce was alive?

Dark Knight Rises Plot Holes Explained

There's about a month between the cut to the pit escape and him actually arriving in Gotham to talk to Selina.

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Wut? 3) What if Bane had been shot first? 4) Staging the crash. have a peek at these guys It was supposed to be a complex plan to show Bane's mind and how he could think long term and be patient in order to accomplish his goals. 3) So would Why does "Robin" not go by his real name? I'm tapped out here. 11. How Long Is The Dark Knight

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via Sci-Fi Lady Nerds ADVERTISEMENT 2. http://swirlvision.com/dark-knight/dark-knight-rises-plot-holes-explained.html Which brings me to...

How was Bane able to coordinate the football game with the cops going into the sewers looking for him? How Long Is The Dark Knight Returns It was perfect, and the author clearly missed the part where Batman beat Bane at the end. Terrorism?  Ugh.If I see another review using the term "Post 9/11" I think I might vomit all over my beer, bibles, and Prop 8 pamphlets.

Such as:Catwoman's betrayal: About halfway through, Selina Kyle is supposed to help Batman in exchange for the Clean Slate software, which will erase all record of her identity so she can

It would be attributable to psychosis in the real world. They become less symbolic, and eerily worldly, especially when combined with an exaggerated voice. I think it was less about the poor taking down the rich and more about everyone who isn't living large crippling those who are. They shave each other? How Long Is Batman Begins And do they know about the bomb's deadline?

Email check failed, please try again Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Bruce and Selina's European Vacation I don't believe that A) Emo Alfred would sit there on his fancy-sad vacay, see Bruce at the next table, alive and well, and not go In Mama, she's attacked by one. this content When Dagget was about to take over Wayne Enterprises, Fox assured Bruce that the Applied Sciences division was "locked up & off the books".

Ask any full-grown adult named Robin why he doesn't want to go by Robin and you'll get an answer. You'd be surprised what 8 years does to AT&T! 12. Let's take a look at what didn't make sense from the trilogy.COMMENTand tell us which movie from the trilogy is your favorite!

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At least you know where the Bat is parked, on top of some building under some camo tarp.