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Curl Error Code 58


Random integers with differing probabilities TikZ:Anchor current page north west isn't where expected Why doesn't find . -delete delete current directory? This return code is only returned from curl_easy_recv(3) and curl_easy_send(3) (Added in 7.18.2) CURLE_SSL_CRL_BADFILE (82) Failed to load CRL file (Added in 7.19.0) CURLE_SSL_ISSUER_ERROR (83) Issuer check failed (Added in 7.19.0) Why are static password requirements used so frequently? Most likely because the file path doesn't identify an existing file. http://swirlvision.com/curl-error/curl-error-code-6.html

CURLcode is one of the following: CURLE_OK (0) All fine. CURLE_URL_MALFORMAT (3) The URL was not properly formatted. wget ... CURLE_FTP_BAD_FILE_LIST (87) Unable to parse FTP file list (during FTP wildcard downloading). https://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/libcurl-errors.html

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CURLE_PEER_FAILED_VERIFICATION (51) The remote server's SSL certificate or SSH md5 fingerprint was deemed not OK. The permissions are 777 for all files –Gajendra Bang Feb 5 '13 at 15:32 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up CURLE_TFTP_PERM (69) Permission problem on TFTP server. No luck so far.

CURLE_FTP_ACCEPT_TIMEOUT (12) During an active FTP session while waiting for the server to connect, the CURLOPT_ACCEPTTIMEOUT_MS (or the internal default) timeout expired. asked 2 years ago viewed 13673 times active 3 months ago Upcoming Events 2016 Community Moderator Election ends in 3 days Linked 8 NSS: client certificate not found (nickname not specified)? CURLE_COULDNT_RESOLVE_PROXY (5) Couldn't resolve proxy. Curl Response Code Php CURLE_SSL_ENGINE_SETFAILED (54) Failed setting the selected SSL crypto engine as default!

CURLE_SEND_FAIL_REWIND (65) When doing a send operation curl had to rewind the data to retransmit, but the rewinding operation failed. Php Curl Error Codes CURLE_SSH (79) An unspecified error occurred during the SSH session. Force puppet agent to regenerate certificate request If puppet agent's certificate is accidentally revoked or deleted, you can force agent to regenerate certificate request. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27102176/curl-with-ssl-certificates-fails-error-58-unable-to-set-private-key-file LDAP bind operation failed.

No luck so far. Curl Error Code 7 CURLE_PARTIAL_FILE (18) A file transfer was shorter or larger than expected. Drinking wine in the winter Why is engine displacement frequently a few CCs below an exact number? CURLE_READ_ERROR (26) There was a problem reading a local file or an error returned by the read callback.

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CURLE_FTP_WEIRD_PASS_REPLY (11) After having sent the FTP password to the server, libcurl expects a proper reply. However, If use: $ wget --certificate=./certificate.pem --private-key=private.key "https://myurl.com/" --no-check-certificate I am able to reach my URL. Curl Http Code CYMK to RGB conversion for repro Purpose of having good credit when you are well-off? Curl Error 35 CURLE_CHUNK_FAILED (88) Chunk callback reported error.

CURLE_FILE_COULDNT_READ_FILE (37) A file given with FILE:// couldn't be opened. weblink CURLM_BAD_SOCKET (5) The passed-in socket is not a valid one that libcurl already knows about. (Added in 7.15.4) CURLM_UNKNOWN_OPTION (6) curl_multi_setopt() with unsupported option (Added in 7.15.4) CURLM_ADDED_ALREADY (7) An easy This is my command: $ curl -k -v "https://myurl.com/" --cert ./certificate.pem --key ./private.key * About to connect() to xx.xx.xx.xx port 23444 (#0) * Trying xx.xx.xx.xx... The key is password protected, curl is not asking me to enter the password, which is very strange. Curl Error 60

Create GPT partition for LVM using parted tool Traditional MBR(MSDOS) disk label has limitation of 2^32 (2TiB) in capacity and 15 in partition numbers(including logical partitions), while... This is somewhat generic and can be one out of several problems, see the error buffer for details. Please report it to us! navigate here CURLE_LOGIN_DENIED (67) The remote server denied curl to login (Added in 7.13.1) CURLE_TFTP_NOTFOUND (68) File not found on TFTP server.

CURLE_COULDNT_RESOLVE_HOST (6) Couldn't resolve host. Curl Error 60 Ssl Certificate Problem Not the answer you're looking for? CURLE_FTP_COULDNT_USE_REST (31) The FTP REST command returned error.

This mostly happens when you haven't specified a good enough address for libcurl to use.

LuaLaTeX: [draft] option clash for package graphicx when loaded after fontspec Why can't linear bounded automata accept an empty string? CURLE_BAD_FUNCTION_ARGUMENT (43) Internal error. CURLE_FAILED_INIT (2) Very early initialization code failed. Curl Sslread() Return Error -9806 Why is nuclear waste more dangerous than the original nuclear fuel?

It seems that the argument --key is not considered, because If I replaced with foo.key, which doesn't exist on my filesystem, I still get the same error. Windows IIS server use NTLM authentication, the following show three methods -wget, curl, and Perl- to download URL protected by NTLM. Read more » Author of Ansible: Beginner to Pro Hit the ground running with Ansible. his comment is here Please report it to us!

Refer to the appropriate documentation. CURLE_RTSP_SESSION_ERROR (86) Mismatch of RTSP Session Identifiers. It means you should call curl_multi_perform again without doing select() or similar in between. This error code indicates that an unexpected code was returned.

CURLE_INTERFACE_FAILED (45) Interface error. This error code indicates that an unexpected code was returned. The error buffer usually contains the server's explanation for this. (This error code was formerly known as CURLE_FTP_COULDNT_STOR_FILE.) CURLE_READ_ERROR (26) There was a problem reading a local file or an error CURLE_SSL_CIPHER (59) Couldn't use specified cipher.

CURLE_SSL_ENGINE_NOTFOUND (53) The specified crypto engine wasn't found. My code looks like this: $ch = curl_init(); $url = "https://199.4X.14X.12X/"; // connection 1 // set url to use curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_URL, $url); // setup other curl options needed curl_setopt($ch, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, FALSE); Could the atmosphere be compressed and put into bottles? How might a government pass a law without the population knowing?

CURLE_TELNET_OPTION_SYNTAX (49) A telnet option string was Illegally formatted. RHCS(Red Hat Cluster Suite) quorum disk The last post " RHCS I/O fencing " is about dealing with split-brain situation, in which cluster members lost heartbeat communicat... CURLE_COULDNT_RESOLVE_PROXY (5) Couldn't resolve proxy. CURLE_SEND_ERROR (55) Failed sending network data.

CURLE_FTP_COULDNT_SET_TYPE (17) Received an error when trying to set the transfer mode to binary or ASCII. Authenticate Linux users by Windows AD: LDAP+Kerberos or Winbind method Authenticating Linux users by Windows AD has become popular in many organizations for the convenience of centralized account management. cURL Error (58): unable to set private key file: '/var/www/work/xml/keys/client.pem' type PEM My private keys contain both key and certificate.