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Order Accept Encountered Problems CURL Error: 56 - Recv failure: Connection reset by peer I am using plesk 11.0 and whmcs Reply With Quote 06-25-13,09:04 PM #2 skruf View Profile View CURLSHE_IN_USE (2) The share object is currently in use. CURLE_CHUNK_FAILED (88) Chunk callback reported error. This error code indicates that an unexpected code was returned. http://swirlvision.com/curl-error/curl-error-curl-errno-0.html

Drinking wine in the winter Find the "Recursive Size" of a List Huffman compressor in Java Why didn't Doctor Strange use the Eye of Agamotto to heal his hands? CURLE_FUNCTION_NOT_FOUND (41) Function not found. We are polling SWF for activity tasks with long polling enabled, so there shouldn't be too many requests. CURLE_HTTP2_STREAM (92) Stream error in the HTTP/2 framing layer.

Curl Error 56 Failure When Receiving Data From The Peer

CURLE_SSL_CACERT_BADFILE (77) Problem with reading the SSL CA cert (path? ppaulis commented Mar 5, 2016 @jeskew without specifying the the openssl.cafile I get: array(8) { ["default_cert_file"]=> string(21) "/usr/lib/ssl/cert.pem" ["default_cert_file_env"]=> string(13) "SSL_CERT_FILE" ["default_cert_dir"]=> string(18) "/usr/lib/ssl/certs" ["default_cert_dir_env"]=> string(12) "SSL_CERT_DIR" ["default_private_dir"]=> string(20) "/usr/lib/ssl/private" ["default_default_cert_area"]=> So it seems like the connection is idle and then all of sudden the server wakes up and then works and then sleeps again. All this rolls up into the final code: $post=http_build_query(array( "client_url"=>Yii::app()->params['pdfClientURL'], "client_id"=>Yii::app()->params['pdfClientID'], "title"=>$title, "content"=>$content)); //Open to URL $c=curl_init(Yii::app()->params['pdfUrl']); //Send post curl_setopt ($c, CURLOPT_POST, true); //Optional: [try with/without] curl_setopt ($c, CURLOPT_HTTPHEADER, array("Content-Length: ".strlen($post)));

The specified time-out period was reached according to the conditions. CURLE_SSL_INVALIDCERTSTATUS (91) Status returned failure when asked with CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYSTATUS. CURLE_FTP_WEIRD_PASV_REPLY (13) libcurl failed to get a sensible result back from the server as a response to either a PASV or a EPSV command. Php Curl Error Codes What I ended up doing, besides adding debug => true to both the config, request.options and curl.options was also manually editing CurlHandle.php and changing php://temp of the verbose output to php://output

Animate finding the middle Why are Car Batteries Still So Heavy? Curle_recv_error (56) CURLM_BAD_EASY_HANDLE (2) An easy handle was not good/valid. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed machine learning TikZ:Anchor current page north west isn't where expected Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes Does every root have an assigned primary use?

How to concentrate during conference talks where the quality of the presentation is poor? Curl Error 60 The given remote host was not resolved. Authoritative source that <> and != are identical in performance in SQL Server more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising CURLE_UPLOAD_FAILED (25) Failed starting the upload.

Curle_recv_error (56)

CURLE_SSH (79) An unspecified error occurred during the SSH session. https://forum.whmcs.com/showthread.php?69019-CURL-Error-56-Recv-failure-Connection-reset-by-peer How can I get bash/zsh to change some text from "foo.foo.foo" to "foo foo foo" with a script/alias? Curl Error 56 Failure When Receiving Data From The Peer I checked with php info and all seems to be ok: cURL support: enabled cURL information: 7.50.3 IDN, IPv6, Largefile, NTLM, SSL, libz: all supported protocols: ftp, ftps, http, https, dict, Curl Error 35 This could be due to a slow server, a problem with the remote server, a network problem, or (maybe) some kind of security error with data being sent to the remote

This return code is only returned from curl_easy_recv and curl_easy_send (Added in 7.18.2) CURLE_SSL_CRL_BADFILE (82) Failed to load CRL file (Added in 7.19.0) CURLE_SSL_ISSUER_ERROR (83) Issuer check failed (Added in 7.19.0) weblink CURLE_FILESIZE_EXCEEDED (63) Maximum file size exceeded. This should never happen if the server is sane. The iptables did not have information in. Curl Http Code

Normally a network error will resolve itself given a bit of time, but it sounds like you’ve already given it a bit of time. Also consider curl_multi_strerror. Is the Joker based on anything? navigate here Image blending dependent on image column Which current networking protocol would be the optimal choice for very small FTL bandwidth?

Firewall : iptables If you don't know your way around this guys they would cause some serious issues .. Curl Error 60 Ssl Certificate Problem The exceptions keep appearing :-/ Amazon Web Services member jeskew commented Mar 5, 2016 Is it possible that the processes that terminate following an OpenSSL error are either setting the SSL_CERT_FILE Tell me please.

timar commented Oct 17, 2016 Closing, because this discussion did not go any further.

I ssh'd to the machine ran this command sudo iptables -L and then sudo service iptables stop and then sudo service iptables start, when I ran sudo service iptables stop it print_r($stats->getHandlerStats(), true); self::getGuzzleSlowRequestPlugin()->setLastHandlerStats($handlerStatsMessage); self::getGuzzleSlowRequestPlugin()->log($handlerStatsMessage); }, ], ]); $sqs->getHandlerList() ->after('retry', '', function (callable $handler) { return function ( \Aws\CommandInterface $command, \Psr\Http\Message\RequestInterface $request ) use ($handler) { return $handler($command, $request) ->then( function ($result) CURLE_REMOTE_FILE_EXISTS (73) File already exists and will not be overwritten. Curl Response Code Php CURLE_RECV_ERROR (56) Failure with receiving network data.

CURLE_FTP_WEIRD_PASS_REPLY (11) After having sent the FTP password to the server, libcurl expects a proper reply. Pascal Amazon Web Services member jeskew commented Mar 3, 2016 It looks like the connection is being reset while OpenSSL is attempting to decrypt data, which can be caused by the ppaulis commented Jun 3, 2016 @hanoii Do you have a more specific error message that you can share with us? http://swirlvision.com/curl-error/curl-error-7.html The given proxy host could not be resolved.

and enabled richdocuments in owncloud 8.2.3. CURLE_NO_CONNECTION_AVAILABLE (89) (For internal use only, will never be returned by libcurl) No connection available, the session will be queued. (added in 7.30.0) CURLE_SSL_PINNEDPUBKEYNOTMATCH (90) Failed to match the pinned key Why? For me, it's SQS in us-east.

Terms Privacy Security Status Help You can't perform that action at this time. Thank you, Jonathan, for your time! Registered in England & Wales #6265962 (VAT GB 927 773 676) Terms of Service Privacy Product Features Addons Services Pricing Resources Download Marketplace Partners Security Program License Verification Support Documentation Technical It would explain the fact that the error is completely random.

You can override this on a client by specifying the verify HTTP option. Maximum Transmission Unit One common cause of this error is that the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) size of packets travelling over your network connection have been changed from the default of CYMK to RGB conversion for repro "Here you are & Here you go" Arab vs. Am Glad i was able to solve your problem –Baba Apr 27 '12 at 18:13 @Baba - I'll confirm if it really worked after a few days, and get

Can a wide body airliner land safely with a full fuel tank? print_r($stats->getHandlerErrorData(), true) . "\n" . "HandlerStats: " . ok i'll wait .. I've use https://example.com - but they ensure 'www.' - so when i switched to https://www.example.com everything was ok.

The time now is 10:44 PM. CURLE_TFTP_PERM (69) Permission problem on TFTP server.